Search Engine Optimization

I'm sure you've heard of SEO or Search Engine Optimization from some "tech guru". Maybe you received an email from some bot promising that they can get you #1 on Google. Well, we want you to know now, though SEO is very important and we are geniuses at it, we don't give false hope. When it comes to SEO, we don't promise you the #1 spot on a Google Search every time someone seeks a service in your industry, but we do promise that your business will be easily findable, more relevant and popular towards user search queries.

      Successful SEO depends on a lot:

  • A Secure and Accessible Website

  • Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed)

  • Mobile Friendliness

  • Domain Age, URL, and Authority

  • Optimized Content

  • Technical SEO

  • User Experience

  • Links

And it doesn't happen overnight! We are realists. Hard work, dedication, persistence, and diligence, among other qualities will help your business grow. Over time, with our help, we will get you the exposure you desire!