In business, believe in the butterfly effect. It's a belief that if you perform small tasks every day for your business, it will lead to big results. Add to your social media. Make some cold calls to new customers. Go door to door if you have to! 

Believe me, it is extremely difficult to run any business. I, personally, have gone through so many struggles. One month I couldn't pay rent. The next month I couldn't afford my daughter's childcare. The next month 4 bill collectors are blowing up my phone. It's mentally exhausting! 

However, I always kept the butterfly effect in mind. Every day, I did something small, because I genuinely believed big things were coming. Some days, I'd call 10 prospective businesses, who I strongly believed needed my service. Other times, I would make a post or two on my social media. On the weekends, I would focus on studying businesses, like mine, who were successful. As the saying goes, "nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, and difficulty". 

Today, things still aren't perfect, but they are much greater than they were 6 months ago and 2 years and 6 years ago. Take your time, young grasshopper. Enjoy the process!