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Every business needs a website. I repeat: EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS A WEBSITE!

There are 3 huge reasons why every business needs a website:

1. Credibility

I'm going to assume there are multiple businesses very similar to yours. So, how are you unique? What are your values? How does your product or service vary from others? The BEST way to share your differences are through a website that looks presentable, clean, and clearly communicates information to your customer. 

Your website will give you a great opportunity to make a solid first impression and give potential customers comfort in knowing that you are a legitimate and well managed and run business. Without a website, you put your credibility at risk.

2. Brand

In addition to being credible, potential customers want to understand what you represent, as well as your business' mission and vision. People also want to take a deeper look into your business. A website helps them discover reliable information about you and perhaps what led you to build the business.

3. Organic Traffic

Once Google has crawled your website and it is SEO-optimized, people may come across your business on the web. This is organic traffic. If you have a restaurant, and someone is searching for food in your area, you may pop up! However, if you don't have a website, this kind of organic traffic may not happen.

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