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$1,500 Website Deal

For the small business owners and startup entrepreneurs looking for a high quality and professional website with branding tools, a free template logo, and basic SEO, this deal is absolutely for you.


The price above is ONLY for the design of the website. You must pay for your own hosting package and domain. There are monthly and annual options for hosting. 

$1,500 Website Deal Includes:

Why Wix?

Wix is #1 in providing elegant and professional themes for websites, while remaining incredibly simple for a novice who wants to manage and update their own website. While website builders like Wordpress and Shopify are efficient and robust, they can quickly become overwhelming for many business owners and entrepreneurs who are not privy to web development and design. 

Free Logo

We pride ourselves in creating extremely simple, yet elegant logos that resonate with your business' brand, identity, and mission. When you consider all of the big brands like Apple, Amazon, Walmart, and more, they all have very simplistic logos. A simple logo can cut through all the noise and show off your brand's true essence. It can also be easily used for branding and marketing materials.

Brainstorm +

It's extremely important that we dig deep into your industry to learn more about your competitors, prospective customers, and potential growth. This process helps us create a professional, yet straight to the point website, that will attract paying and loyal customers. 

Template Customization

Yes, we start off with a Wix template, like your favorite attorney starts off with a template contract (laughs out loud). But no really, we are web design professionals and choose templates based on your expectations and our research. You will get the very best out of us every step of the way!

Mobile Responsive

Check! Your website will be wonderfully designed for not only a desktop, but for mobile, as well. 

Social Media Integration

We understand that your businesses may not have social media, but if and/or when it does, we will integrate it with your site.

Google Maps

Check! You will be found on Google Maps within 48 hours of launching. 

Mailing List Plugin

Check! You will be able to collect emails, names, numbers, and more from fans of your product(s).


We knows it's important that you get sleep and a break from work, but that doesn't mean your customers always understand that (laughs). Your website will come with a chat function to ensure someone or something is talking back to your customers when you're away.

Contact Form

Check! We'll create a basic contact form, so that customers can leave their information, for a follow up.

Photo Sourcing

If you have ready-to-go pictures, for your website, great! But if not, we have tons of commercial free stock pictures that can be used for your site.

2 Rounds of Revisions

After we complete your website, we will do a couple rounds of revisions to ensure you're happy with our work and it's ready for the world to see.

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